This is the Tagged Space Project

realized for the Triennial "Vormen van Aarden" in Apeldoorn

This is the also the place for further developments concerning the reflectiveness of active RFID in ART, the expansion of a wireless network with dedicated sound and light hardware modules, the connection to a SMS autogenerative database, a story generator, an information source about all the traces we are leaving behind and the research for simplicity. 

As of today, like I do with all my projects that I see as my "children", the project 'Leaving Traces' is dedicated to my 'old' young friend Karyn to honor and remember her after she lost the battle against an agressive braincancer.


The blossoming of subliminal interactivity will help every-one on an intuitive basis to realise things they where never capable before.

As a participant in the Tagged Space surrounding even your Grand-Parents can create their own website while doing the things they normally do - in this case a walk in the park (and doing so they connect to the world of their grand-children).

Please feel free to contact me and discuss the possibilities as well as suggest locations or networkconnections that might be interested or want to be involved also.

with kindest regards,

Han Halewijn

Imagination is more important then knowledge (albert einstein)


This image shows the family "de Weger" where the proud kids tell and demonstrate their results to every-one who wants to listen.


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